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If you’re a beginner, you may be wondering how to play tennis. The rules of tennis are simple, but you may want to tweak the game a bit to suit your style. There are two basic types of shots: groundstrokes and volleys. Those that you hit with your hands are known as groundstrokes. But there are more advanced techniques to learn as well. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Tennis is played from right to left on the court

The game of tennis is played from right to left on the court. The first serve is made by the player on the right side of the court. Then, both players must return the ball to the same side until one of them misses. For example, if Player A serves from the left side of the court, then Player B must serve from the right side. For the second point, Player A will serve from the left side of the court. From here, both players will alternate sides.

There are two types of shots: groundstrokes and volleys

In tennis, players use both groundstrokes and volleys to make shots on the court. While volleys are considered more cerebral, groundstrokes are still very effective. These shots can fit into any player’s game. This type of shot also requires a lot of timing and balance. Here’s how to hit a volley successfully:

There are a lot of ways to hit the ball

When playing tennis, you have several options for hitting the ball. The most common are the groundstrokes and volley shots. But there are also several other techniques to master. Topspin and backspin are two different techniques that can be used to hit the ball. Topspin is a bouncing effect that causes the ball to dip back into the court. To improve your topspin, you must reverse the direction of the ball’s spin.

You can change the rules of the game to suit your needs

If you’d like to change the rules of tennis to make it more convenient, you can. While more conservative fans of the game may not agree, Kermode’s suggestions won’t be revolutionary. The end goal is the same, convenience. Many players simply want to change the rules of tennis to make it more convenient for them. In addition, Kermode’s recommendations won’t be harmful to the game’s tradition, which is to preserve its unique features.

You can practice on your own or with a partner

When you practice tennis alone, you can focus on one part of the game and improve your strokes without any distractions. If you have a wall or backboard in your home, you can use it as a target. You can even create a scoring system around the service box. By using painter’s tape or a wall, you can record your serve and improve it. It will also help you improve your stance.

You can learn the game in a few weeks

Learning the proper stroke, judging the ball and changing its speed is essential to a successful game. Fortunately, you can learn tennis in a few weeks. Tennis camps are available throughout the U.S., typically lasting one week and consisting of nine hours of play daily. Though they can be expensive, a camp can benefit you more than you might think. The following tips will help you improve your game in as little as four to eight weeks.

Equipment needed for playing tennis

There are many different types of equipment needed for playing tennis, and some may not be necessary. For instance, if you’re just getting started, a tennis ball is all you need. For practice and matches, you’ll need at least two balls. For hitting serves alone, a bag is usually the best option. You’ll also need a large storage container for balls, which you can buy online or at a sporting goods store.